Introduction of OLCDO

Oadki Language and Community Development Organization (OLCDO) is non profit organization and working purely for the development of Oadki language. We believe that we could develop the Oad community through developing our Oadki language and through education. As we learned that there are many languages dyeing because of the influence of bigger languages. The only way to save the language is to write the language and its culture and all other things.

Our staff is well trained in linguistics and are doing several types of research in Oadki language, such as: anthropological research, sociolinguistics research, working on Phonetics & Phonology, Orthography, Grammar, and Dictionary. We collect data through interviews, observations and write it down.

We have more then 70 audio recordings which are also typed in computers. We have published 2 easy to read story books in Oadki with pictures for the Oad children. There are many other books made by us but still not printed including story books, health books, social issues books, anthropological research papers on different cultural things, linguistics research papers which includes Phonetics & Phonology, sociolinguistics in which we made the word list, Grammar etc. We are also working on Oadki dictionary.

We would also like to start literacy in Oadki language. We did one writers workshop, in which community  people came and made story booklets and rhymes for the first year. We have now 64 story booklets 32 rhymes. Unfortunately due to some reasons it was not possible to start a mother tongue school in Oadki. But we are looking forward to do it.